Dynamix in Jordan

With a rich background in education, sports, adventure travel & events management makes our “Dynamix in Jordan” team a professional in the fields of experiential learning, team development, expeditions & adventure.

Dynamix In Jordan,shares the knowledge, excitement and adventure Jordan offers with anyone who appreciates nature, education and learning by doing
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We are a group of professionals who deliver a range of products and services in the areas of business team building and development, active travel experiences and educational expeditions and activities for schools.

All of these services are based on our professional skills backgrounds as well as adventures and outdoor experiences that we enjoy personally. 

Our knowledge of the local Jordanian Wildness is extensive, allowing Dynamix in Jordan to provide clients with a personalised level of service in unique localities.

Our services are offered to small private groups, large corporate organisations, and schools and educational institutions.

Our guides ensure that our clients are aware of the best practices to protect the environment. We do our part by responsibly providing information about the local environmental challenges and giving insights on how to contribute to their wellbeing.

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This is our primary concern. Our guides, equipment, knowledge and experience ensure your experience with us will be a safe one. The Dynamix in Jordan team hold appropriate safety certificates in CPR, EFR, rescue diving & first aid.  Dynamix in Jordan uses only Europian sourced equipment in its activities and we constantly test it for durability and ensure that it is correctly maintained and stored.


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